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Chase Compliance

Chase Compliance

Chase creates an bespoke network for each project by finding the right resource and proactively vetting for compliance.  Chase will never refer a consultant who:

  • works or has a fiduciary relationship with the target

  • represents the target

  • has a confidentiality agreement

  • works at a publicly traded company

  • has a trusted family relationship with an executive at the target

  • refuses Chase Terms and Conditions


Your Compliance

Chase seamlessly layers your protocol and will implement your:

  • education and training requirements

  • pre-approval processes

  • specialized consultant contracting and payment procedures

  • customized insider trading recitation


Chase Records

Chase creates easy access for compliance retention

  • calls and biographies are archived

  • periodic reporting 

  • bridge line calls if requested

  • procedures for random compliance monitoring


I use Chase when I know there are just a few people who have the information I need and that information will impact the outcome of my trade.

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