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You need more than just a list of bios.

You need dependable actionable intelligence.

Chase Primary Research

You want information outside the echo chamber of the standard networks. Chase Primary Research builds relationships between its clients and today’s industry leaders-leaders who choose not work within the standard networks. We do this regardless of industry sector or geography.

Chase Executive Sourcing

Your private equity team may need longer-term relationships. Recruiters are expensive and you need flexibility in those relationships. Chase Executive Sourcing puts you in touch with premier board candidates and industry consultants to help with due diligence or to build your leadership team.

Chase Access

If you attend industry conferences or just want an in-person tour, you need contacts in place to make your trip productive. Especially if your visit is in a foreign town or country. Chase Access gives clients in-person on-location access to the industry professionals who matter–in any location. 

Chase Legal

If the outcome of a legal matter is important, you want to understand the potential outcomes and be informed in real time. Chase Legal is an exclusive service offered by our Team Leaders who are attorneys. We provide case tracking and monitoring. We connect you with the best legal and political experts who can walk you through complex issues that may affect your decisions—whether it be a court proceeding or legislative regulatory matter.

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