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Precision IntelligenceSM for Smart Investors

You want edge.

But the networks give you people who 

broadcast their ideas to everyone, whose knowledge is diluted,

and who share your proprietary ideas.

You want value.

But your large scale provider marks up fees on all calls

and then pushes several calls on you to inflate fees. 

You want answers.

You don't have time to scroll through consultants' pitches claiming they 

can help; you need a research partner who does this work for you.  


You need Precision Intelligencesm 

Precision Intelligencesm bridges the gap between the diluted one-off expert calls 

from the standard networks and the real relationships and information

that make your investment decisions a success.

Since 1999 Chase has done it better.

you only thought you couldn't predict the market

Nobody can know for certain how regulatory activity, natural disasters, or corporate performance will affect the value of a stock or company.

The uncertainties can keep you up at night.

Investors shouldn't rely on guess-work. 

Chase can help.

Our research process puts you in touch with industry professionals who aren't in the standard networks and don't want to be, who can help you navigate the seemingly impossible unknowns: we call this

 Precision Intelligence.SM


I have been looking to other services for months on this issue, it was a tall order and your team nailed it. 

The networks have asked me to do consulting, but I've never been interested. With Chase, it's different.  We have a real relationship. I know they won't be bothering me with complicated computer portals.  

I use Chase when I know there are just a few people who have the information I need.

Demand more from your

research partner.

  • Get smarter intelligence

  • Make better decisions

  • Bring in bigger wins

About Chase

Chase forges real relationships between its clients and industry leaders, thinkers, and practitioners who are not part of an expert network, not broadcasting their knowledge, and not actively soliciting consulting arrangements. Chase relationships are precise, targeted, and—most importantly—compliant.


Chase clients want to reach the highest level of conviction when making a trade. Nothing is more satisfying than being right, which comes from digging deep and exploring every angle and finding things others may have missed.


Just as important is knowing that the research process is compliant with all laws, regulations, and internal policies.  

Team Leaders

There are factors in a trade or deal that are uncontrollable:  market variability, regulatory issues, or pure politics. But many factors are controllable. Chase helps clients gain control of the depth, focus, and creativity of the research. Better research equals better trades, and better trades mean bigger wins.  Chase puts you at the center of that formula.

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